ENEE 114 - Programming Concepts for Engineering

Spring 2007

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(05/19) update
As you are already able to check your letter grade from TESTUDO, I will not post the entire class's grade. If you want to know your final exam score, send me email.
Due to an emergency, I will not be able to stay in my office Monday morning. I will put another update as soon as I am back to my office. Email me if you want to meet me.

(05/18) Grade submitted to UMEG
The letter grade for the course has been submitted. Overall, there are 15 A's, 25 B's, 22 C's and 10 D's.
Most of the students did well in the final exam, the average is about 73.
I don't have the final exam papers with me now, so CANNOT post your final exam and letter grades for those who have signed on the exam paper. I will post it when I get to my office on Monday. For those who want to know their grades, please email me with your section number and name as subject, I will send you your final grade and letter grade.
For those who have done the extra project, I have sent you individual message about that. If you have not received it, please contact me.
If you want to meet me, please stop by on Monday or Tuesday between 8:30 and 11:30 am. Email me when you want to come over.
Thanks for a nice semester and have a great summer.

(05/17) Grade posting
Due to the delay of final exam and project 4 grading, the final letter grade is not available yet. We are hoping to get it done by late Friday or early weekend. I will post a message and the grade once it is done.
For those who do not want grades to be posted, you can email me once you see others' grades posted.

(05/10) Extra office hours on Friday
I will be in my office from 8 am to 3 pm, but I have two meetings, one starts at 10 am and I should be back to my office shortly after 11 am. The other starts at 2 pm and might last to 3pm when I have to leave. So please try to stop by before 2 pm.
I will be away from my email from 3 pm to 9 pm. But will check and reply all emails after 9 pm.

(05/10) faq for final questions
I will post most of the questions that I receive about final exam at this file. I might not reply your message individually if the answer is posted here.

(05/10) On-line course evaluation URL

(05/09) Homework 4 solution

(05/09) Grade checking
You will have the opportunity to check your grades on HW1-3, big quiz 1-3, small quiz 1-3 (for those who had only two small quizzes, the third one is the average of the two), project 1-3, midterm 1-2, and lecture attendence. We also calculate your overall score based on these information and assign you a projected letter grade as well as the class ranking. You can check them today at your TA recitation or tomorrow right after the lecture. Please contact your TA or me if you find anything incorrect. I will discuss about this on Thursday's lecture and here are some quick comments:
The class ranking is out of 74 students. For example, 15 means that your overall score is the 15th highest in the class.
The overall score is calculated using the percentage given in the course syllabus. Without final, the total is 80 and we scale it up to 100.
The projected letter grade is assigned based on the above overall score. It may change after your final exam. Especially for those who did not do well in the midterms, it may downgrade if you don't do well in the final.
During the calculation of overall score, we assume that your homework 4 is the average of previous 3 homeworks and your project 4 score is the average of previous 3 projects.
Lecture absence is from 9 random attendence checks. The absence for recitation has not been included yet. We assume that you have not missed any recitation when calculate the overall grade. If you have no more than 3 absences, you will receive the full credit for attendence.

(05/08) Answer to Midterm II posted.

(05/08) Homework 4 posted.
This is the last homework set for your practice. The answer will be posted shortly. However, you are highly recommended to complete the assignments by yourself before looking into the answers.
To receive full credit for this homework assignment, you need to bring a hardcopy of your solution, with your name and section number, to the final exam.

(05/07) Project 4 deadline
There will not be any penalty if you submit your project by 11:59 pm Wednesday, May 9. However, it is to your benefit to get it done as soon as possible, so you can have time to review the course materials for the final exam.

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