ENEE 759C Attendance policy

As is mentioned on the course information page, 15% of the credit of the class is for reserved for attendance of the classroom presentations, and an additional 10% for the pre-seminar written reports.  Here is the grading policy.

The pre-seminar written reports will be graded and credit given regardless of your attendance in a class.  For example, if you miss a classroom presentation but hand in the pre-seminar report before the start of class, then the report will be credited, but no credit will be given for attendance.  There will be 6 pre-seminar reports due (1.67% each).

The attendance policy for classroom presentations is as follows.  There will be (approximately) 10 classroom presentations, and the 15% credit is divided equally among each presentation (roughly 1.5% each).  Although you only need to submit reports for 6 talks, attendance is required for all ten talks.  Full credit will be given for attended presentations, and no credit for missed presentations.  Attendance will be taken roughly 10 minutes into the class.  If you are later than that, you will be marked as absent.  In general, you will get the most out of the class if you are on time, since it is hard to follow a talk if you miss the first few minutes.

The only exception is presentations for which you have received prior authorization from me for an excused absence.  Excused absences will be granted when you have a good reason for which you have to miss the presentation (such as illness, attending a conference etc).  To ask for an excused absence, email me.