ENEE 759C Written Report Details

For any 6 of the 10 topics presented in class, each student in the class will be required to write a pre-seminar report on the main paper for the topic put up on the reading list on the class website.  The report for a presentation is due at the start of the class (at 3:30pm) on the day of the presentation.  Late reports will NOT be accepted under any circumstances.  You MUST submit a report for your OWN presentation as well.

For each main paper, the report should contain answers to the following questions.  Answers must be submitted typewritten in an text file, and then printed out (double-sided is fine).

  1. List the title and authors of the paper. 
  2. What is one major problem or issue that the research described in the paper is addressing? 
  3. What is at least one solution to this problem that was previously addressed (if any), but the authors identified problems with? What are those problems? 
  4. What is the solution that the authors propose? What are the merits of this solution? 
  5. Identify at least one potential problem or drawback with the author's solution that the author's have not addressed nor identified.
On average, you can answer each question above in one paragraph (3 to 10 lines). Longer answers means more detail than necessary as far as the assignment is concerned; but you *will not* be penalized for longer answers if the answer is accurate and correct. Much shorter answers may mean not enough information; you *could* be penalized for insufficient detail.