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ENEE759C Spring 2007

Topic Date Name of students
Code improvement using a binary rewriter 4/2 Rachel Idikula and Mincy Mathew
Link-time optimizations 4/4 Cosmin Craciunescu and Rohit Iyer
Binary rewriting for CISC architectures 4/9 Shashvat Thakor and Kiran Seshadri
Discussion of software project 4/11 By instructor
Security policy enforcement in a binary rewriter 4/16 Pankaja Dakhane and Karandeep Singh
Preventing unauthorized control transfers 4/18 Khyati Dave and Sandeep Paulraj
No class 4/23  
Dynamic compilation
4/25 Rakesh Panda and Pragya Maru

Stream-based computing

4/30 Martin Paraskevov and Elnathan Reisner
Synchronous programming languages and their implementation 5/2 Nick Pillitteri and Chenjie Yu
Compiler-inserted prefetching 5/7 George Caragea and Alex Tzannes
Optimizations in Java Virtual Machines 5/9 Shu-Hung Lin and Matt Smithson