ENEE 324

Engineering Probability

Fall 2023

Section 0201

Last Updated 10/19/2023



Office hours


Course objectives and topics


Reading Assignments



During the recitations, the TA will discuss the solutions to various exercises and review some key points of the course material.

Every two weeks there will be a one-question quiz given at the end of the recitation period. Each quiz will cover the course material up to (and including) that discussed on the Tuesday class of that week. See below for contribution to your final grade.

Schedule for the quizzes (Tentative):
Quiz # 1 on 09/08
Quiz # 2 on 09/22
Quiz # 3 on 10/06
Quiz # 4 on 10/20
Quiz # 5 on 11/03
Quiz # 6 on 11/17
Quiz # 7 on 12/01

Teaching Assistant

Grading system

Important dates to remember