ENEE 245 - Digital Circuits & Systems Lab by B. Jacob

Fall 2016

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Course Handouts and General Information:

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Regarding Pre-Lab Reports:

We have strict guidelines that the TAs are not to allow students into the lab who do not come with a well-prepared pre-lab writeup. So please make sure that you have detailed pre-lab reports with all the details about Design and Simulation carefully presented. If you have any question regarding the pre-lab, make sure you reach out to your TA before your lab, and get it clarified. Here are a few guidelines that will help you with pre-lab and post-lab preparation:


  1. Your design must include the following (as needed):
  2. Simulations:
  3. Answer all the pre-lab questions


  1. Your write-up must include the following (as needed):
  2. Observations:
  3. Answer all the post-lab questions

Please contact your TA if you have any questions.


Training Videos for the Lab Equipment: