ENEE 417 Spring 2007

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Search result of the 0.050 series SCSI 100-pin connector (male) that matches the NI PCI-6509 card


Information regarding the current-voltage amplifier



Project: multi-channel DAC controlled by a PC through either a PCI card or the USB port, with the following requirements:

  • 16 bit (or more) parallel input DAC chip
  • Manual reset to zero (clear)
  • Power on clear
  • Manual oscillator (555 timer output) as a clock for manual testing and with a tunable frequency
  • Manual up and down and stop switch
  • All mechanical switches should be glitch free
  • Each channel requires:

1.      One wire for pulses

2.      One wire for load

3.      One wire for clear

4.      One wire for write

5.      A binary counter up to 16 bits

6.      BCD display or similar feature, showing the counter’s output

7.      The output of the counter is then fed to the parallel-in DAC

  • Need at least 8 channels, with a possibility for future expansion
  • All external components be put in a box
  • The power comes from either (car) battery or 120V ac outlet, selectable from a switch
  • Use LEDs as power or logic indicators when needed


Microelectronics Design Laboratory; (2 credits)

Prerequisite: ENEE306 and ENEE312 and completion of all lower-division technical courses in the curriculum. For ENEE majors only. Senior capstone project laboratory, where student design and build fairly sophisticated circuits, mainly composed of discrete transistors and integrated circuits. Many of the projects are designed to require that students synthesize from what they have learned in many of the disciplines in electrical engineering. Students learn they can actually use their knowledge to build something very practical, which may include a high-fidelity amplifier, a radio, a memory cell, a transmitter, etc.


listing of all sessions at testudo


Class                W 1:00pm- 1:50pm (EGR 1108)

Laboratory      F 8:00am-11:00am (AVW 1334) Lab


Class                W 1:00pm- 1:50pm (EGR 1108)

Laboratory      F 12:00pm- 3:00pm (AVW 1334) Lab


Prof. Chia-Hung Yang (http://www.ece.umd.edu/~yang)

·         Office: Room 1323, AVW

·         Office hours: Monday and Wednesday, 4-5p.m., in room 1323, AVW

·         Phone: (301) 405-3673; e-mail: yang@ece.umd.edu

·         Weekly schedule and the TA’s office hours to be announced

·         Grading: depends on the laboratory progress and the final result

·         Academic calendar for the Fall2006 term:

Classes Start 1/24/07 (Wednesday)
Spring Break 3/19/07 (Monday) through 3/23/07 (Friday)
Last Class 5/10/07 (Thursday)
Study Day 5/11/07 (Friday)
Final Exams Start 5/12/07 (Saturday)
Final Exams End 5/18/07 (Friday)
Senior Day 5/19/07 (Saturday)
Main Spring Commencement Ceremony 5/20/07 (Sunday Evening)
College Commencement Ceremonies 5/21/07 (Monday) Laboratory#0 equipment

·         Useful information

1.      Dump data from the oscilloscope to the bench PC, for either image or strings of numbers

2.      How to run PSPICE from the bench PC

3.      Manual for the oscilloscope Tektronix TDS3012B

4.      Manual for the signal generator AFG3022

·         DACs from industry

1.      Analog Devices (bottom, listing of all 16 bit, parallel input DACs), example: AD5547

2.      Texas Intruments (DAC8820)

3.      Linear Technology (LTC1597)

·         PCI digital I/O boards

1.      $89, PCI-DIO24 http://www.measurementcomputing.com/cbicatalog/cbiproduct_new.asp?dept_id=142&pf_id=821&mscssid=68T2QDXBL8868NEHCAWNN08WLFLJA20A


·         USB digital I/O boards

1.      $299, 96 bit, parallel http://directory.adeptscience.com/productid/USB-DIO96H/4/1777/USB-DIO96H.html

2.      $319, 48 bit, OMG-USB-DIO48, http://www.omega.com/pptst/OMG-USB-DIO48.html

3.      $169, 32 bit, ACCES, http://www.accesio.com/go.cgi?p=../usb/usb-dio-32.html