ENEE 759C - Compiler Optimizations for Modern Architectures and Embedded Systems

Spring 2007

This site contains the latest information about the course.  The course description on the department webpage is out-of-date.

This course will cover the basic compiler technologies useful for a broad range of topics, including architecture, security, reliability, operating systems and languages.  Despite its "special topics"  designation, the course will actually cover basic graduate-level introductory material necessary to understand compilers.  The course will be useful to any graduate student doing research in any of the above topics since most of them have been shown to benefit from compiler technology.

This course will stay away from well-understood compiler topics such as grammars and parsing.  Instead the focus will sharply be on optimizations and applications since virtually all active compiler research today is in these areas. The only prerequisite is a basic architecture course (ENEE 446, 646 or equivalent.)

Topics covered are mentioned in the "Course logistics, topics covered and other information" link below.

The course will consist of some lectures, some instructor research presentations, some student presentations, and a simple project. The overall work-load will be light, mainly two homeworks and one exam, a project,  reading of recommended papers and writing a 1/2 page report on the paper of the week (for student presentations only). Students will learn how to use the SUIF compiler infrastructure. The course is primarily targeted towards graduate students and motivated seniors.

Course logistics, topics covered and other information


    Homework 1         (DLX instruction set summary (needed for Homework 1))

        Solutions for homework 1

    Homework 2

        Solutions to homework 2


    Practice examination

        Solutions to practice examination

    Solutions to Mid-term examination


    Talk topics and schedule

    Talk guidelines (revised!!)

    Reading list for talks

    Pre-seminar written reports

    Attendance requirement


    Project information


Prof.  Rajeev Barua.  Last updated May 2, 2007.
This site is http://www.ece.umd.edu/class/enee759c