ENEE 765 - Adaptive Control (P. S. Krishnaprasad)

ENEE 765 - Adaptive Control (and Learning Theory)

Fall 2013

Updated November 5, 2013

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Special Announcements

(5) Material pertaining to Model Reference Adaptive Control provided by emailed link.

(4) Lecture 3 notes, on basic Lyapunov stability theory, have been posted.

(3) Lecture 2, a paper and homework sets 1 and 2 are posted.

(2) I have added a link to a collection of papers which are relevant to the discussion of parameter convergence. More such links will be included for other topics.

(1) For background material on nonlinear control system analysis (especially Lyapunov Theory) used in this course click on the link to ENEE 661 (spring 2013 version) below, under . See also the references given in the course outline. We will also develop some methods of adaptive control that exploit Lie algebraic techniques (see some background material on Lie algebras and Lie groups in Lectures 0, 1, 2 of ENEE 661 and in the Other Resources section fot ENEE 661).

Weekly Lecture Notes by P. S. Krishnaprasad

Lecture 0 a refresher on linear systems

Lecture 1 - introduction to adaptive control - part (i), part (ii), part (iii), part (iv), part (v), part (vi).

Lecture 2 - introduction to learning, paper of Poggio and Smale (from 2003)

Lecture 3 on basic stability theory - part (i), part (ii), part (iii), part (iv), part (v),

Lecture 4 part 1 - deterministic identification and Lecture 4 part 2 - behavior of degenerate gradient descent

Papers on degenerate gradient descent relevant to parameter convergence

Lectures 5 and 6 on Model Reference Adaptive Control primarily from ch. 13 of HK Second Edition (provided by emailed link)


Homework Assignments

Homework Set 1 (due October 2)

Homework Set 2 (due October 16)


Homework solutions

(will be provided by email)


Other Resources (OR)

My lecture notes on Optimal Control (ENEE 664) - Spring 2012

My lecture notes on Nonlinear Control (ENEE 661) - Spring 2013

My lecture notes on System Theory (ENEE 660) - Fall 2010

Sastry-Bodson book website for downloads and Dover (2011) edition

Real Analysis Book by Cinlar and Vanderbei - material useful in Systems courses

About Sophus Lie

About A. M. Lyapunov

About G. D. Birkhoff

Impact of Control Technology vignettes, and, full report (warning 35 MB)