ENEE 627

Information Theory

Spring 2011

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The original BSTJ 1948 paper by Shannon is a must read! It is available online. See also the webpage for additional details and the reprint volume

A high-level survey of fifty years of Information Theory is the paper by S. Verdu, "Fifty Years of Shannon Theory," IEEE Tranactions on Information Theory, Special Commemorative Issue, vol. 44, no. 6, pp. 2057-2078, October 1998. The paper can be found here.
Recommended read: C.E. Shannon and W.W. Weaver,
The Mathematical Theory of Communication. University of Illinois Press, Urbana (IL) (1949).

The following book discusses the ways in which people and computer deal with information -- A highly readable and strongly recommended introduction to the digital age:
Recommended read: R.W. Lucky
Silicon Dreams: Information, Man and Machine. St. Martin's Press, New York (NY) (1989).

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