ENEE 765 - Adaptive Control (P. S. Krishnaprasad)

ENEE 765 - Adaptive Control (and Learning Theory)

Fall 2019

Updated September 2, 2019

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Special Announcements (in reverse chronological order)

(3) Regressor variable notion introduced in Lecture 3 is followed up further in Lecture 5 during week of September 9.

(2) If you are interested in the wide range of applications of control technology see the "impact" link at the bottom of this webpage. This has succinct descriptions of accomplishments in the field.

(1) A refresher course on linear systems is provided in the form of Lecture 0. Also, see below for link to Notes on Nonlinear Systems used in ENEE661. See also H. Khalil textbook on Nonlinear Systems

Weekly Lecture Notes by P. S. Krishnaprasad (from 2017 and 2019)

Lecture 0 a refresher on linear systems

Notes on Nonlinear Systems a resource for stability and convergence results

Lecture 1 - a basic example

Lecture 2 - introduction to model reference adaptive control - an example

Lecture 3 - introduction to indirect adaptive control - an example

Lecture 4 - introduction to learning with kernels Poggio and Smale 2003 paper on learning Simic 2003 paper on application to sensor networks 2008 Review article (Hofmann, Scholkopf and Smola)

Lecture 5 - deterministic identification

Lecture 6 - deterministic identification - convergence proofs

Homework Assignments

Homework Set 1

Homework Set 2

Homework Set 3


Weekly Lecture Notes by P. S. Krishnaprasad (from 2013)

Lecture 1 - introduction to adaptive control - part (i), part (ii), part (iii), part (iv), part (v), part (vi).

Lecture 3 on basic stability theory - part (i), part (ii), part (iii), part (iv), part (v),

Lecture 4 part 1 - deterministic identification and Lecture 4 part 2 - behavior of degenerate gradient descent

Papers on degenerate gradient descent relevant to parameter convergence

Lectures 5 and 6 on Model Reference Adaptive Control primarily from ch. 13 of HK Second Edition (provided by emailed link)


Homework solutions

(will be provided by email OR considered during the discussion sessions on Wednesdays)


Other Resources (OR)

My lecture notes on Optimal Control (ENEE 664) - Spring 2014

My lecture notes on Nonlinear Control (ENEE 661) - Spring 2017

My lecture notes on System Theory (ENEE 660) - Fall 2010

Sastry-Bodson book website for downloads and for Dover (2011) edition

Astrom-Wittenmark book for Dover (2008) edition

Real Analysis Book by Cinlar and Vanderbei - material useful in Systems courses

About Sophus Lie

About A. M. Lyapunov

About G. D. Birkhoff

Impact of Control Technology vignettes, and, full report (warning 35 MB)