ENEE630 Advanced Digital Signal Processing

Fall 2012 @ University of Maryland - College Park  

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ENEE630 is a first-year graduate core course on digital signal processing. The objective is to establish fundamental concepts of signal processing on multirate processing, parametric modeling, linear prediction theory, modern spectral estimation, and high-resolution techniques.

Prerequisite: ENEE 425 or equivalent undergraduate DSP course; and co-requisite ENEE620 or an equivalent graduate-level probability and random process course.

Logistics for Fall 2012 Offering

Course Schedule (subject to adjustment)

wk Monday Lecture Wednesday Lecture Recitation Assignment
1. No Class Lec-1 (8/29) Course Introduction & DSP Review Fill out Questionnaire Pickup an undergrad DSP textbook and refresh
2.No Class (Labor Day) Lec-2 (9/5) Cont'd review; Intro to Multirate Rec-1 (Sol)
3.(9/10) 1.1 Part1 Sec1-2 (9/12)Part1 Sec1-2 SupplementRec-part1 (Sol) Out: HW1(9/12/2012) Sol
4.(9/17)Part1 Sec3 (9/19)Part1 Sec4-5(Sol) (Sol P6) Out: HW2(9/19/2012) Sol
5.(9/24)Part1 Sec6 (9/26)(Sol) In: HW1 09/24/2012 in class
Out: HW3(9/26/2012) Sol
6.(10/1) Garg: Part1 Sec7 (10/3) Garg: Part1 Sec8-9(Sol)In: HW2 10/1/2012 in class
Out: HW4(10/03/2012) Sol
7.(10/8)Part1 Summary (10/10)Part1 Sec9 Supp Sample ExamIn: HW3 10/8/2012 in class
8.(10/15)Part2 Sec1 (10/17) Garg:Compressive SensingIn: HW4 10/15/2012 in class
9.(10/22) Tentative: In-class Midterm (10/24)Rec-part2 (Sol)
10.(10/29)Archived Part2 handout(F11) (10/31)Part2 Sec1 part2 (Sol)Out: HW5(10/31/2012) (Sol)
11.(11/5)Part2 Sec2 (11/7)(Part 1 new solution) (Sol)Out:HW6(11/7/2012)(Sol)
12.(11/12) Garg:Part2 Sec3 (11/14)Part2 Sec4(Sol)In: HW5 11/12/2012 in class
Out: HW7(11/14/2012) (Sol)
13.(11/19)Part2 Sec5 (Sec1 Supp) (Sec3 Supp) (11/21)Part3 Sec1 Part3 Sec1 AllNo Recitation (Thanksgiving)In: HW6 11/21/2012 in class
Out: HW8(11/21/2012) (Sol)
14.(11/26)Part3 Sec1 Update Part3 Sec3 (11/28)Part3 Sec2Rec-part3(Sol Part2)(Sol Part3)In: HW7 11/28/2012 in class
15.(12/3) (12/5)Review (Sol Part3 All)In: HW8 12/5/2012 in class
Out: HW9(12/04/2012)(Sol)
16.Last Class (12/10): Wu & Garg
Beyond 630 Part3 Sec3 Update
No ClassFinal Exam 12/15/2012

Color Codes

Review/Exam Multirate Stat. Model & LP Spectrum Topics


Course Handouts

Course Handouts

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